There 4 Ratings.

Free for all

No Parents would find inappropriate. Two content description is Edutainment and Childhood humor. This note is made for ages. Here are following ages. 5 and under, 6-8, and 9-11.


Suitable for ages 12+ and up. Example. Captain EO, Stitch's Great escape, and Body Wars are Rated 12+. May contain, Fast rides, mild crime, mild violence, mild horror or fear, mild profanity or crude humor, and mild mature sexual themes or nudity.

Teen 15+ 2

Suitable for ages 15 and up. Example. Cranium command: Survival of the fittest, Venosapiens vs earth defense, and Mothership tour are Rated 15+. May contain Moderate violence or intense violence, Moderate or intense horror and fear, Moderate blood or blood and gore, moderate or strong, profanity or crude humor, moderate or strong mature sexual themes or nudity, moderate or intense crime, and fast ride. Both 12+ and 15+ have fast ride.


Suitable for ages 18+ and up. Example. Restauraunts, cafes, and other food shops have alcohol are rated 18+. May contain alcoholic beverages is not for children under 18 and unrestricted access.

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