Aliens Have Organ systems. In the First episode of epic ReFresh DX, ReFresh's Organ system have revealed inside of his body.

ReFresh's or gan system revealed

A Organ system revealed in First contact.

Organ systemsEdit

Nervous system

Cardiovascular system

Digestive system

Urinary system

Respirtory syestem

Endocorine system

Immune system

Reproductive system

Skeletal system

Muscular system

hormone system

What do Aliens Look like?Edit

Eventually Male and Female aliens have Reproductory organs are located inside the alien body. During Grand Theft Auto Crossover game,

Wireway aliens Look very Mature because they look naked.


Male WireWay alien.

Male Wireway aliens have pennis and its Testles. Durring The cutscene of Grand theft auto crossover, The Males look so naked(kinnda mature).  

Females have Vulva, Utherus, and ovaries.

In the middle of the Princess and the Frog crossover, Aligator-like aliens are naked because the people were terrified

and causes to be naked and infected by aligator-like aliens.


Female Wireway alien.

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman- What Do Aliens Look Like?-1

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman- What Do Aliens Look Like?-1

  • A female Vulva is completely heated up.
  • Urine Chemical reaction(Females only)
  • Alien fetuses are inside of her womb.
  • a Female Alien Genitals with her Uglottis and it's tentacles.
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