Anti-humanHabitat: All (except Florida) Diet: Hemovore Class: MammalInfraclass: Manthropod Locomotion: Biped/Quadruped Family: CaysyrodaeLaser type: Fire based laser

Anti-Human is one of the Oldest and Deadliest alien species since the big bang. September 9/11/2001, Anti-humans are attacking new york city now new york city has been destroyed and became Gongzheng region. In mid 2007, Ukama jado Encountered the Anti-human attacking the burglar. In Febuary 2015, The anti-human infection has begun in Iran. Iranians were infected by the anti-humans which is called sepherisois.

Biology Edit

Anti-humans have chupracabra-like tounge to suck their blood. They have many venom glands to infect earth people like venomous animals did. This X-ray has been shown to see how compared to Theropod dinosaurs and Dragons.

Skull comparision-0

Top: Anti-Human Bottom: T-rex

Comparison 11-0

1. Anti human 2. Dragon 3. T-Rex 4. Human

Here's the Full X-Ray comparison.

Male anti-humans have Orange hair so it can change colors from orange to blue if there's a cold temperature or Change Orange to red if there's a hot temperature. Females have brown or black hair so the female's hair cannot change colors. They have sharp claws and fangs to kill earth people. When they're young, they have tails as the age of 10, they become a cocoon to get rid of the tail. They walk 2 or 4. If they were chestburster-like child, they stand 2 or walk or run 4.

Fierce the bandit

A male Anti-Human.

Female anti human

A female anti-human.

They might actually roar like dragons did. They fire lasers like shoop da whoop did. Anti-humans can breathe air and water. This tongue is blue so it has blue tongue infection.

Blue tounge infection

Anti-Human Tongue seemed to revealed. You can see Blue tongue infefction. They Look like Chupracabras and skinks did.

Vaccum tounge and venom ducts

Here's the anatomy.

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