Family Boomboxae
Tribe Boomboxini
Location Flipside/Flopside, Blobule, Underwhere/Ovethere, and Mars
Food Ominivore
Scientiffic name Beepboxerus Boomboxerus

Beepboxers are a sub-species of Boomboxers from Super Paper Mario. Their heads are shaped like radios or boomboxes. Beepboxers first appear on Planet Blobule, which may show that they are actually alien species hailing from Outer Space. They can also be found at the Overthere Stair and in the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials (rooms 61 and 76).


Boomboxer family
Normal Boomboxers

Boomboxer | Beepboxer | Blastboxer | Dark Boomboxer[1]

Infected Boomboxers  Infected Beepboxer | Infected Blastboxer |Infected Dark Boomboxer
Hybrid/Crossbreed Boomboxer
Martian Life Martian Boomboxer
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