ClassMystery Fire Type Billowing flames Abilities Can 'wear' bones as armor Habitat Dragon Graveyard Trainable Yes Features Bone armor Size 21'(7 m high), 49' (15 metres long)

The Boneknapper is a species of dragon thought to be mythical by Vikings

due to its rare nature. As its name may suggest, the Boneknapper spends
its time scouring the land for pieces of bones in order to create the 

perfect armor for its body.

Sometimes, this bone armor can be essential for the dragon to perform basic actions, such as roaring. The Boneknapper will often go to extreme lengths to find the bones it seeks, hunting down the fragments for years. However, the dragon does have a docile side to its nature as well, as with most dragons around Berk.

It is quite a large species, reaching 24 metres (80 feet) long

Bone Armor Edit

It searches the perfect bone for It's bone armor

- Hiccup, to Boneknapper

The Boneknapper's main objective is to collect bones to protect itself. Gobber's Nemesis is special, since he will do what ever it takes to get the Terrible Terror pelvic bone, even if it means that he has to risk his own life to get it.

Boneknappers need the following bones to create the perfect armor to defend themselves:

2 Night Fury wing bones (a rare find so it uses Deadly Nadder wing bones instead).

1 Terrible Terror pelvic bone for it's roar (Gobber the Belch's "belt buckle").

3,000 Hideous Zippleback backbones

1 pair of Monstrous Nightmare horns

2 Hobblegrunt skulls

Biology Edit

A member of the Mystery Class, Boneknappers are built in a similar birdlike manner like the Deadly Nadder, albeit much larger. Their natural coloration seems to be a dull olive-green, though it can hard to see under their armor of bones.

Unlike most dragons, which have hard scales to protect themselves from enemies, Boneknapper scales are thin and soft. To counter this weakness, Boneknappers cover themselves in the bones and horns of dead dragons and other animals.

It is also confirmed that as long as their objectives to collect perfect bone pieces, Boneknappers can be very calm and friendly towards human beings.

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