Computer Entertainment Rating Organzation of Florida the Division of the omi group is founded in 2013.

Every Epic ReFresh DX Games has an Teen. But the single of Epic ReFresh DX: Family Guy crossover game has an Teen 15+ which is more anime and violent and The single of Epic ReFresh DX: Borderlands 2 Crossover Game has an Mature because it's for young adults. In launch trailer, stewie got scared of the Ziggomastazu.

Notes: This Extended Launch Trailier is Extremely Scary and violent which is not for childeren under 11 or else? the Childeren may get scared. only teenagers, young adults, and adults can watch the Extended Launch trailer.

In Gamestop, The sign has been put up on the window it says. Caution Scary parts and content inappropiate for children under 11 otherwise? The children may get terrified.


Notes: Epic ReFresh DX Characters are cameo appearances in the other omi group games.

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