ClassMystery Fire Type Acid Abilities Camouflage Habitat Temperate Rainforests Trainable Yes Features Side horns protruding from head, antennae and small leaf-like spines Color Red, with orange at the edge of the wings and a cream underbelly, green when young Size Medium

Hight 5

The Changewing is a Mystery Class dragon that has large wings on its back, horns on its face and an antennae-like appendage on top of each of its eyes. This gives the Changewing an unique appearance.

Biology Edit

Changewings nest in large, tall forests in packs. They group together for common goals, or in other words, they are team players, and will stop at almost nothing to remain in possession of their eggs. Also, Changewings are very curious creatures, and like to mimic everything that they see.

A Changewing's egg has gem-like qualities and are green in base, but its aura glows in multiple colors. Some Vikings will mistake these for "Stones of Good Fortune".

Changewings are known to be very cooperative and work together to accomplish their goals. Multiple Changewings help one another acquire one of their eggs, and do not rest or leave until all of their eggs have been found.

The way a Changewing pack works, is very much like how a lion pride works. The females do most of the hunting and fighting, and defend their territory.

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