Got any of that squirt- Cythera

Rating: 12+

Name: Cythera
Age Unknown(First appearence) 29(Later appearence)
Gender Female
Career Alien Colonist
Heroes The Aliens, ReFresh, ReFresheete, Legenki
Vilians The Bully


Cythera is the alien colonist of Florida. She is the modest. That she Loved Legenki. She Was voiced by Kari mitastia. As the age of 23, the boobies have shown. As the Age of 29, She Freaked out when she was naked.

She was voiced by yazuma itaki as the age of 29.
Cythera 2

Cythera's is Actually Nudity as the age of 29.


The side of her head are Horns( possibly a pigtaill design in first appearence). in Cythera's First breeding, Cythera made the first breeding.

Her Newborn Larvae is Still inside the Womb after the fertilzaition.

She was naked that she had her privates.

She could levitate of her Spaceuleous Glands inside the alien body as shown. Her skin color is Black

(possibly yellow in wireway). Her Feet is actually that high heel- like feet.
Cythera gother ass

Cythera's Frist breeding.

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