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Lists of events
Event Name Place Time Date Years active Event Status
Spectrobe Day MOSI(Museum of Science industry) and Imaginarium Science center 8AM-5PM January 17th 2014- Active
The Science of Wireway Aliens: The Exhibit MOSI(Museum of Science industry) 8AM-10PM January 24th- May 21st 2014- Active
Galactic Pajama Party MOSI(Museum of science industry) 8AM-10PM January 24th-January 31st 2014- Active
Giant Groundhog day

Imaginarium Science center  and MOSI(Museum of Science industry)

8AM-5PM Febuary 2nd 2014- Active
Jump Rope For Heart All schools 9AM-3PM



2014- Active
Valentine Circulation Day Lee memorial Health System 7AM-7PM Febuary 14th 2014- Active
Schoolastic Book Fair All Schools 7AM-3PM Febuary 24th-March 15th 2014- Active
A+ Celebration All Schools 7AM-3PM March 25th 2014- Active
Spectrobes Webisode Event MOSI(Museum of Science industry) 10:00AM April 13th-18th 2014- Active
Easter Day All 8AM-9PM Every April Sunday 2014- Active
Easter Alien Creature Drawing Contest MOSI(museum of Science Industry) and Imaginarium Science center 10PM-5PM April 19th- 20th 2014- Active
Earth Day All 8AM-9PM Aprill 22nd 2014- Active
Summer Science Camp MOSI(Museum of Science industry)  and Imaginarium Science center 9AM-9PM

May 28-

August 31st

2014- Active
3D Printing the Future: The Exhibitation MOSI(Museum of Science indusrty) 8AM-5PM June 14-TBA 2014- Active
Fall Festival All 7PM-10PM September 7th- October 4th 2014- Active
Intergalactic Party MOSI(Museum of Science industry) and Imaginarium Science center 6PM-12AM October 5th-8th 2014- Active
Hallo-Alien MOSI(Museum of Science industry) and Imaginarium Science center 5PM-1AM October 31st 2014- Active
Thanksgiving Day All 7AM-10PM November 25th or 27th 2014- Active
Boat Parade Four Freedoms park, Cape Coral 5PM-10PM December 19th 2014- Active
Christmas Eve Party Cape coral Yacht club 7PM-10PM December 24th 2014- Active
Christmas Day party Cape coral Yacht club 8AM-10PM December 25th 2014- Active
New Years Eve All 10PM-1AM December 31st 2014- Active

Film EventsEdit

Film Event Name Date
IMAX Hubble 3D January 5th-15th
IMAX Greatest Places March 19th-24th
S.O.S Planet April 22nd
IMAX Under the sea 3D June 14th-19th
IMAX Space  station 3D August 14th-19th
Dinosaurs of Patagonia September 25th-30th
IMAX Tropical Rainforests October 15th-19th

See Full Schedule for IMAX Film Events.

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