Geropods Are Very simliar to Marsupial Mammals


A Comparison of Australian Kligarthim and Platypus.

and Momotremes.
Close up

A close Up a Demenchidon's Platypus-like Webbed Hands and feet.

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Closer look

A closer look of the Blood vessels of The Webbed hand.

Life cycleEdit

Once many Geropods are Able to breed. They Mate Each other. Humanoids Can suck thier seminal liquid from the male reproductive system . Alien Creatures can't suck thier seminal liquid from the male reproductive system. 

Black salamander breeding

This Image of Rule 34 Website is how the Male black salamander Mating the Female black Salamander.

As the Female Egg Cell is Fertillized The Egg cell Will plant into Utherus . It Takes 5-10 weeks.
Geropod Embryo

A 20 Day old Embryo.

Geropod Fetus

A 6 Week old Fetus.

When the Larva is born, The Larva Will Give Milk and Continiues to develop into Pupa

Inside the cocoon

The Anatomy Of the Geropod's Cocoon.

As The Pupa Grows into an Adult , The Adult Geropod Will Get out of the cocoon .


Female Geropod(left) Male Geropod(right).


Geropods are actually Look like 

  • A Comparison Of Female Reproductive system.
  • The Digestive System
  • Comparison of the Mammal and Geropod.

Marsupials and momotremes. Alien Scientists can look what's inside.

List of GeropodsEdit



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