Dragon Type: Gronkle(Same as a Dragon Name)
Habitat Mountains and Caves
Weakness Noises. (Eel, dragon nip, blue oleander, Screaming Death's screams)
Trainable Yes
Danger Level: Very Dangerous
Dragon Tip: Feed it Dragon Nip
Dragon Color: Varies, usually beige body with purple highlights
Notable Features: Large body, bumps for protection, small wings
Size: Medium (The weight can reach to 3 tons the height is about 6'2ft tall)
Length 6 Meters(16 Feet)
Dragon Class Boulder Class

The Gronckle is one of the toughest (and slowest) dragon in the dragon world, and more than lives up to its looks in the battlefield.


The Gronckle can launch a devastating fire attack but is limited to six shots at a time. Both its fire attack and hovering flight pattern makes it a very dangerous dragon. It can simply hover slightly out of reach of theVikings and then blast them with its powerful fire. Unlike the other dragons, the Gronckle can refill its so called shot limit fairly quickly. Most dragons use a flammable gas, but the Gronckle eats rocks and then melts them in its stomach. So as long as there are edible rocks in the area the Gronckle will be able to refill its shot limit.

One interesting fact about a Gronkle's stomach is that it is able to melt down any type of rock and metal like a forge. By mixing certain minerals and ores, it is able to create an alloy called Gronckle Iron, which can be shaped into weapons and instruments that are lighter and stronger than those made of pure iron. Meatlug was able to create a large amount of Gronckle Iron, though she is unable to do so again since no one knows exactly what she ate at the time. Other mixtures allow them be magnetized, create glass (sandstone alone), overheat. Also Gronkles are the only known dragons immune to the effects of Dragon Root. Gronkle's can move munch faster when running then flying in the air. The jaw strength of grouncles are very strong to crush rocks and hold boulder in the mouth to shoot back like Meatlug have shown in Heather Report 2. Grounkles are maneuverability in the air to fly back words and side to side easily. 

Hight 12

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