Im just an Embryonic Being - Helenki

Helenki is an Embryo-like alien. She had her genitals which is completely uncensored. In GTA 5, Helenki was Naked because she had her birthmark.


Helenki has an Umbilical cord and her Nutrient sac . this Nutrient sac is filled with Phaserogus . When she is staying inside Cythera's Womb , She'll get a birthmark and the Nutrient sac will appear on her umbilical cord . Her tail is still not disappearing Durring Embryonic Development. her Screen is Red. In later appearances she was still healthy because of her Room full of amionic fluid. Her vulva is stared to heat up faster causing the egg cell to release and causes the period to start..

Cythera and her pupa

Inside cythera's womb, you can see Helenki that causes birth marks and her nutrient sac.


Name: Helenki
Gender Female
Age 45
Born 5/14/13
First appearance Epic ReFresh DX Cythera's inside story(JP/FL)
Species Mordothiku
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