Hideous zippleback
Dragon type Hideous zippleback
Habitat Caverns, Forests
Weakness Arguments between Two Heads, Noises, Wet Left Head, Eels, Dragon Nip/Root, Blue Oleander, Under the Red Death's andBewilderbeast's Control.
Trainable Yes
Danger level Very Dangerous
Dragon tip Feed both heads at once
Dragon color Greenish body with red highlights and cream underbelly
Notable features Two heads, split tails
Size  Medium
Length 15 meters (66 feet)
Dragon Class Fear Class


The Hideous Zippleback is often described as one if the most unusual dragons in the world. This dragon has two long, serpentine necks with spikes on it. These spikes can 'zip' together, in order to create the illusion of one neck. At the end of the necks, are two short heads. The Zippleback has a large horn on its nose, and two thinner horns on top of its head. Like most dragons, they have yellow reptile-like eyes. The teeth in their lower jaw seem to be longer then the one's in the upper jaw, sticking out. They also have two tails, wich can also 'zip together. The end of the tail posses' a fin-like structure on its tails. The official website stated that, thanks to its reletifly short legs and wings, the Zippleback is a slow walker and flier. Despite this, Barf and Belch has been seen flying quite fast. Their legs possess short, but strong legs four sharp claws. with The Zippleback is probably one of the biggest and longest of the medium-sized dragons, if not the biggest.

Hight 3

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