Hobble grunt
Dragon Type Hobble Grunt(the Same as Dragon Name)
Habitat Unknown
Weakness Eels
Trainable Yes
Danger Level Dangerous
Dragon Tip N/A
Dragon Color: Purple body with blue markings and green head.
Notable Features: Large head frill, small arms
Size Medium
Length 10 Meters(32 Feet)
Dragon Class

Boulder class

The Hobblegrunt is a new dragon.


The hobblegrunt has a frilled lizard (or Triceratops, judging the frill is not fully surrounding it's head/neck) look and has very sharp teeth. The hobblegrunt has a single horn and a big frill on the back of its head. The hobblegrunts head is green in the color while the body is slightly purple and mainly grey.

The hobblegrunts eyes are colored yellow. The hobblegrunt also has small and clawed wings. It has tiny arms and big legs like Deadly Nadder. Its body appears long.

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