Indianus Bermudanus
Indianus bermudanus
Location Bermuda, Indian Beaches, Andaman islands, Islands of Mumbai Harbour, and nicobar islands
Locomotion Biped
Family Homodae
Tribe Homini
Class Ladeopod
Food Ominvore
Scientific Name Homo

Indians had beleived that Indianus Bermudanus are related to Primates and sea lions


Indianus Bermudanus Has webbed hands . It has Sea lion -Like skin . At Fall and Winter, Indianus Bermudanus will hibernate and Causes to illuminate. Females can Get enough Food For the Fall and the winter. 


Indianus Bermudanus has 3 Stomachs , 4 Hearts , and 2 Livers but the Female Indianus Bermudanus have 4 Utheruses.


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