Infected boomboxer
Infected boomboxer
Class Ephimodora
Family Boomboxae
Location Various
Food Ominvore
Scientific name Ucalodeus Boomboxerus

Infected Boomboxer is an Genetically Modified Alien Creture Which is Combined with Aruliean DNA and Boomboxer DNA. Unlike Normal Boomboxers. They Can Resist all hazards(Except for Screams). Infected Boomboxers is One of the Most Toughest, Strongest, Deadliest, Powerful, Fastest, Poisnous, and Most Terrifying Alien species in the world.


Boomboxer has 4 arms instead of 2, Black skin with Red Markings, Light Blue eyes, and 2 Black antennas.

Boomboxer family
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