Name: Kamati
Age 28
Born 4/9/2013
Gender Female
Heroes ReFresh, ReFresheete, The Aliens, Cythera
Vilians Monsters, The Bully
First appearance Muted alien attack in paris, France
Species Vikomoku


Kimati is an Genetically Modified With Glowicus DNA and Tarklbeus DNA. She's Actually

Inside kamati's Bladder

Alien Urine Chemical Reacting it's Bladder

A Muted Alien so She Can do High Pitched Shriek. Those Deadly Organs Are inside Kamati's Body including

Bladder that makes the Urine Chemical Reaction

,causes vulva heating and Uterine Wall Growth faster. As she grew taller, the Umbillical cord and Liver- like tentacle will grow longer and strechier gross.

Kamati's Vulva Heating Faster

Ugh Kamati's Vulva is Completely Heated up Gross.


Once if the egg Releases, The Male Earth people Can Get Her Ass and causes Alien Infection which is called Metromorphis. She Had

Umbilical cord and Liver-like tentacle.


Deadly MutaitionEdit

Inside Cythera's Womb, Kamati is still inside and causes Fetal mutation When She Drinks Orange Juice.
Inside Cythera's Womb

Cythera's Larva is Completely Muted when you drank orange juice.

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