Kelsodon 2
Welcome to Mt. Everest- Kazen

Location Mt. Everest
Locomotion Biped
Diet Omnivore
Class Mammal
Sapient level



Kemlafadons are Humans. They have mostly Protects animals from Extinction. It's actually an abominable snow monster or yeti. They are Warm-blooded creature. The blood color is Blue. 

Alien Lab

Kemlafadon's Blood sample is collected in the mid 2013.

That is simliar to Octopuses.

They have frilled antenna like Friled Lizards.

Frilled antenna

A closer look of the Kemlafadon's Frilled antenna to see theier Ateries and viens.



Kemlafadon's Foot Print has been founded in MT. Everest.

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