I am the tribe of Kelechia- Megenchi

Location The Himalayas
Diet Liquvore
Locomotion Biped
Species Homo
Time Period Ice Age
Sapient level Sapient

Biology[edit | edit source]

Close Up of the Ladosapien's foot and it alien bugs.

Ladosapien Blood sample is collected in the sample tube. See alien Blood.

Ladosapien is an Human that lives in The Himalayas.

They look taller than Human. 

Males have Light blue skin color. Females have Light purple Skin color.  

They might very simlair to The Himalayan Tribes. 

They speak Nepalese, Bengali, and Dzongkha Language. 

They Have Wings to fly like Dragons did. 

Goat-like legs are efficently have ivory like elephants tusks.  They have purple blood. Actually a cold blooded Animal. They are geropods.

History[edit | edit source]

In 1947, The Napalese Tribes began to take the british flag down to put up a native flag.

In the late 2013, The Nepalese tribes Painted on thier walls on the Walls.

At the end of 2013, The Tribes Invaded the outside

Florida of USA to make the English language disappear.

This Cave Painting is The Dragon who came to Nepal.

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