Martian UFO
Martian UFO
Food Omnivore
Locomotion Flying
Homeworld Mars
Family N/A
Tribe N/A
Class Mammal

Martian UFO is the Living Flying Saucer.


Martian UFOs have Four ray guns and Four arms so the earth people can get abducted by aliens. Martian UFO's Skin color is red. They have two antenas.


Martian UFOs have Orgainic technology. Most Female Martian UFOs have Female reproductive systems,

and Euscarocheus.


Female Martian UFOs can Make babies inside her womb. Female Martian UFOs  have artifical spermazation.

However, the Female Martian UFOs allows to give birth to Larva.

Martian Life
Martian invader Martian UFO
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