Martian Invader
Martian invader
Homeworld Mars
Food Omnivore
Family N/A
Tribe N/A
Conservation status Least Concern
Scientiffic name BLAG1092
Class Mammal
Locomotion Biped

Martian Invader is an Long-living alien that lives in mars. In the Mid 2014, Martian invaders are attacking Marsone and space X to save mars from terraforming.


martian invaders have skin colors.

Martian skin colors

Here. They have Green, Lime Green, Red, and Spring green skin colors

They have 4 Antennas that they can communicate each other. They have 2 eyes. Blood color is green. Astrobiologists studies the Gentic traits and crossbreeds. As well as creating hybrids. 


Martian invaders can give birth to larva. Always never lay eggs. The 1st stage of the martian is Fertilization. Female martian have egg cells to get fertilized by male martian sperm cells.

Egg fertilization

The egg is being fertilized by sperm cell.

The scecond stage is the Embryo which it Grows rapidly until Fetal development begins. 
Martian fetus

This Ultrasound image that 3-day old embryo is still developing fast.

The third stage is the Fetus which is still developing untill 40 weeks.

Fetal stage

37 Week old fetus is still inside her womb.

As the result is the fetal development. The Final stage is Larva. Larva's Eyes is closed in 36 months untill 1 year old. 
Martian larva 2

24 Month-old larva's eyes is till closed until 1 year old.


Martian Invaders are very good invaders. Male and Female martians have Upatsheris glands. They have 4 stomachs, 4 hearts, and 3 intestines.

Martian Life
Martian invader Martian UFO
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