Refresh 15

I Am ReFresh the WireWay Alien- ReFresh

Name  ReFresh
Age 39
Gender Male
Friends/Heroes The Aliens, ReFresheete, Link, Klabron
Enemies Flying jesters, monsters, The king of Flying jester

ReFresh is the Alien colonist of Florida Alien Colony.

He's so Smart that he was very Happy. As the Advertisment. ReFresh said,"You're so nice". In the first Episode of Epic ReFresh DX, ReFresh is born in 1991. he was voiced by aurumato timabae. In the Crossbred by Refresh, ReFresh's Birthday has started. He Was 21.


ReFresh is completely naked at the end of the Episode.

So ReFresh is About to grow into The Adult. He was voiced by Komato tushari as the age of 21. In Alien Bugs in the Arabian Sea, ReFresh's Pennis is Shown at the age of 24. He was voiced by Ukaro Izaki as the age of 24. Damakalar Could'nt Look at the Pennis. In luminouse city purisit, ReFresh's Pennis is still shown as the age of 25. He Was voiced by iumazu taki as the age of 25. The Citizens Got Embaressed because he can't look at his privates. In the Embryonic Alien of the Dead sea, ReFresh Grew into an Mature Age. He Was naked because he had of his privates. He was Voiced by Hazaro mitacha as the age of 27. In the Family guy Crossover game, ReFresh's Hair stared to grow soon as the hair is shown. He was voiced by Utamato kozaki as the age of 36.


The side of his heads are Spikes. He had of his Privates(kinnda Nudity. The back of his body Are wings with spikes and Tail(possibly a Dorsal fin on his back and tail fin).

His hair is shown in The Family guy crossover game.

ReFresh SSB4

ReFresh's Hair is shown in later appearances.


All ReFresh Media( Except Manga).

Vision problemsEdit

In Stage 1-4, ReFresh's Vision was blurry. Because his head is trobbing and he got spots before my eyes.

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