Name: Skrillex
Gender Male
Born 1/15/88
Age  26(errornorusly 29)(mentioned in Epikku ReFreshu DX: Mutant Alien Apocallyapse(2012)(JP) and The saga of janice boynton
First Film appearance Skrillex: The Alternate Universe Begins
First Videogame appearance

Skrillex: The Alternate Universe Begins(1988)

Species Mutant alien (Formerly Human(Janice boynton original films (I-XV) and Skrillex Films(I-XXIV))
Heroes Janice boynton, The aliens, and Mutant aliens

Flying jesters and E10+ II the King of CDEA(Child development expert Agency)

Srkrillex is a King of Mutant aliens. His Age is 26. In the Beginning of The Alternate Universe, Skrillex is born because his skin is all black and the Umbilical cord cannot cut. 


His Hair is Completely Multi resistant. His tounge is irken-like appearance when he watched alot of invader zim shows. as the age of 26, the air tubes have started to grow. His eyes is alien-like appearance. In the near end of the Saga of janice boynton, Skrillex attacked the antique automobile with his Shapeshifting forms(E.g Yveltal, Bowser, and Tank).

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