Dragon type Snaptrapper
Habitat Unknown
Weakness Eels, Dragon Nip, Under the Bewilderbeast's Control.
Trainable Yes
Danger level Very dangerous
Dragon tip It likes rain and likes to play in the mud.
Dragon color Green
Notable features Four heads, split jaw, split tail
Size large
length 26 meters (84 feet)
Dragon class Fear class


In Book of Dragons short, they are categorized in the Fear class like the Hideous Zippleback. They attract prey with a sweet smell of chocolate, which emanates from all four mouths. Like all dragons, they shed their scales and talons, but these eventually regrow. Snaptrappers love rain and enjoy splashing in the mud which could be based off the fact plants need water and damp areas.

Lists of Mutations/Crossbreeds/HybridsEdit

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