Welcome to the science of Wireway aliens. Today We can see How Wireway Aliens are created. Scince the beginning of time. Now Let's Explore the Lab.

Cloning WireWay aliens
Coloning wireway aliens
Extracting the DNA
Extracting the DNA
Testing genes
Filling the sequence gaps
Mr molecule
DNA Sequencing
DNA sequencing
DNA in Bones
DNA in bones

 WireWay Alien BiologyEdit

Did you Know that WireWay Alien biologist is? They Just study the signs of life on earth. They look actuallly a Living fossil. Because they look like Prehistoric Animals or Plants. You Can see the Article is About the WireWay Aliens. Click on it.

Anatomy 15
Animal Cell
Animal cell 3
Plant Cell
Plant cell 2
Life Cycle
Life cycle
WireWay Alien DNA
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