Food Carnivore
Location All oceans and Seas
Class Mammal
Infraclass Ladeopod
Family  Sphyrnidae
Locomotion Biped/Marine
Scientific name Confodeus Gifandius

Many Tycakadomesu are related to sharks. They might give birth to pups but unable to lay eggs. 

They Eat Fishes, Shrimps, Clams, Sharks, Killer whales, and other seafoods. They might to protect Gray whales from killer whales.


Tycakadomesu have sharp fangs like sharks did. They have sharp claws like dinosaurs did. Females have Utherus to make pups rather than laying eggs. They have dorsal fins so they can swim. And They Gills too so they can breathe in water like fishes and reptiles did. In Mote marine, Scientist can be impossible to find Egg sacs in Womb to keep warm using ultrasound.


Females Have Alien egg sacs to keep warm in the womb. They Can see Pups are developing her womb. Males have penis to give sperm cells to Female Tyhcakadomesus. In The Florida aquarium. This Board says comparison to Sharks. In 1995, Tamiyato yakushi Discovered the Tycakadomesu breeding pit in the sea of japan.

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