Whispering death
Dragon type Whispering death(mispelled Whispring death in Night Furry the Best Friend)
Habitat  Caves and Tunnels
Weakness Sunlight, can't dig through iron, eels
Trainable Yes
Danger Level Extremely Dangerous
Dragon tip It likes to get its teeth brushed. Train it with no other Dragons around.
Dragon Color Grayish Steel blue body, red highlighted spikes.
Notable Features Large Head and Mouth With Rotating Teeth Inside and White Bulging Eyes
Size Large
Length 25 meters (82 feet) or even more
Class Boulder Class


Whispering Death is similar to a Deadly Nadder , but with bulging eyes, face and spirals of barbed teeth that line the entirety of his inner mouth. It has a snake body and neck, similar to a Zippleback, but Whispering Deaths have no legs, only the lower spikes (which can be used to bypass through their tunnels).

Many consider them extremely vicious and often have nightmares after confronting these horrors. Their gaping mouths are full of deadly rotating teeth. These wings can also be rotated, presumably to aid in the drilling process. They look very similar to the Gulper Eel.

It is 25 meters (82 feet) in length.

Lists of Mutations/Hybrids/CrossbreedsEdit

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