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WireWay Alien life pavilion Edit

The Science of the WireWay Aliens

Wireway Alien life on Earth and Space

Europan Ocean seafood restaurant

UFO Transport to Happy Mothership Resort

Tomorrowland Pavilion Edit

Tokyo Disneyland Tomorrowland Area Music COMPLETE LOOP

Tokyo Disneyland Tomorrowland Area Music COMPLETE LOOP

Stitch's Great Escape

Space Mountain

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

Astro Orbiter

Tomorrowland Speedway

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

Monsters inc. laugh floor

Carousel of Progress

push the talking trash can


Animal Lab

Touch Tank


Gift Shop

Space Station Mars

3D Printing the Future

The Amazing You

BioWorks Butterfly Garden

Pizza Planet



Kids in Charge

Idea Zone

Coleman Science Works Theater


Prehistoric Adventure

The Science Lab

Marine Animal Lab

Space and Beyond


Auntie's Pretzel

Cell Lab

Healthy Food shop

Pre-Historic world Edit

Jurassic world

Welcome to the prehistoric world. So We have take advantage to see From Proterozoic life to Paleogene life. We have Resorts, Food Shops, Attractions, IMAX dome, Water parks, and Gift shops. So enjoy the fun. Sponsored by Jurassic world.

Neogene Edit

Pre-historic fun and games

Fossil hunt


Endangered species zoo and touch tank

Where in the World(Gift shop)

Botanical Gardens

Innovation center Pavilion Edit

Hammond Creation Lab


Mr. DNA show

Proterozoic life Edit

Proterozoic Touch tank

Proterozoic microbes up close

Rock bottom Cafe

First life on gift shop

Paleozoic life Edit

Cambrian encounter aquarium

Paleozoic sea to see touch tank

Under the Paleozoic sea Restaurant and gift shop

Ordovician Sea life aquarium

Silurian Ocean commotion aquarium

Devonian Life: From Oceans and seas to the land

Carboniferous Ocean and sea life aquarium

Carboniferous Swamp forest life

Long John silvers Fast food restaurant

Permian Marine life Aquarium

Permian animal encounter

Herbivorus Permian animal petting zoo

Mesozoic life Edit

Mesozoic marine life touch tank

T-Rex Cafe

Triassic Life zoo and aquarium

Jurassic Life zoo and aquarium

Cretaceous Life zoo and aquarium


Primeval whirl


Finding Nemo - The Musical

Fossil Fun games

TriceraTop Spin

The Boneyard Playground

T-Rex Kingdom

Gentle giants petting zoo

The Aviary

Dino sushi buffet

Dino-pi-saur(Cc's izza restaurant)

Cretaceous cruise

Gallimimus Valley


Prehistoric fish and chips kiosk

Bamboo Forest

Underwater Observatory

Triceratops Territory

Pachy arena

Mosasaurus Feeding show

Paleogene Edit

Paleogene life Zoo and aquarium

Paleogene sea encounters touch tank

Ice age ice cream shop

Cavey's Prehistoric arcade

Rupert's Fire Pit BBQ Restaurant

The Cave Gift shop

Tyrannia Edit

Giant Omelet cafe

Tyrannian food kiosk

Tyrannia Fries food kiosk

Tyrannian petting zoo

Tyrannian petpet shop

Grarrl's Gift shop cave

Prehistoric Australia: Home of the Arulieans Edit

Virtual Prehistoric Australian adventure

Australian animal zoo and aquarium

Outback Steakhouse

Down Under cafe

Brontosaur Transport to Prehistoric Wold resorts

Aboriginal Australian cave Giftshop

Epcot Edit


Entrance Edit

Monorail to Epcot Resorts

Epcot entrance music loop

Epcot entrance music loop

Future World Edit

Future World Soundtrack - Epcot

Future World Soundtrack - Epcot

Spaceship Earth

Innoventions West and East

West side Edit

Ellen's Energy Adventure

Wonders of life Pavilion(A.K.A Festival center) Edit

Wonders of Alien life Pavilion Edit

Cranium command: Survival of the fittest

Genetic Race Dynasty: A Venosapien Exhibit

Space Station Mars

IMAX dome at Wonders of Alien life

Astrobiology Lab: An Interactive Exhibit

Alien Colony Science lab: A Preschool fun

Special events for wonder of life Edit

For Epcot's International Flower & Garden Festival, the pavilion is open as a Festival Center featuring

  • Intermissions Café
  • HGTV Designers Stage
  • Greenhouse Stage
  • HGTV Theater
  • Ask an Expert
  • Planting Pointers

Mission: Space

Test Track 2.0

So if you want to be an Tourist: The Pavilion Edit

So if you want to be a Chef, a waiter, or a waitress(Restaurant)

So if you want to be an Explorer

So if you want to be president

So you want to be an inventor

so you want to be an cashier(gift shop)

East side Edit

The seas with Nemo and friends Pavilion Edit

  • Coral Reef Restaurant - a table service dining

establishment whose primary draw is the fact that one of its walls is the aquarium's glass back. Mickey can occasionally be seen scuba diving in the aquarium.

'clamobiles' that follows the adventures of Nemo and his friends, with the characters from the movie actually interacting inside the aquarium (opened October 2006)

  • Sea Base - the main viewing area for the aquarium
  • Turtle Talk with Crush - an interactive show wherein the sea turtle from Finding Nemo answers children's questions about the sea.
  • Gift Shop
  • Lockout Chamber - The Lockout Chamber consists of a scuba diver who dives in a circular tube to teach people about fish and scuba.

The land pavilion Edit

Living with the Land


Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable

The Garden Grill

Sunshine Seasons

  • Asian Shop - A variety of noodle bowls and stir-fries.
  • Sandwich Shop - A variety of made to order sandwiches.
  • Soup/Salad Shop - A variety of soups and salads.
  • Wood-Fired Grill Shop - Rotisserie chicken, beef and fish.
  • Bakery - Nestle Toll House cookies, ice cream, among others.
  • Breakfast - Breakfast here offers pasteries, and combos that include eggs, one choice of bacon,or sausage, and a drink.
  • Soarin' Tour Desk - A desk, located to the left of the

entrance to Soarin', where Guests may sign up for the Behind the Seeds Greenhouse Tour, which takes place in the greenhouse section of the Living With The Land attraction. Guests may also purchase Mickey's Mini Gardens, tiny plants produced through tissue culture in nutrient gel and

packaged in sterile tubes.
  • Green Thumb Emporium - A small merchandise area,

located across from the Soarin' Tour Desk. A small assortment of Soarin'

T-shirts and pins, along with disposable cameras and Mickey's Mini 

Gardens are available for purchase. Note that this shop has taken on the

name of the former, much larger, shop at The Land which occupied the 

same approximate area.

The Imagination Pavilion Edit

Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Image Works: "What if" Labs

Captain EO

World Showcase Edit

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

Disney Quest Edit

Disney quest

First floor Edit

pirate ship and destroy other ships, sea monsters, and fortresses to 

collect gold. One player captains the ship by steering and controlling the throttle, while up to four gunners control the cannons.

real paddles) as you make your way down a prehistoric river, avoiding dinosaurs and occasionally getting sprayed with water.

Second floor Edit

design kiosk, then sit in a pitch-and-roll simulator and "ride" it. Guests may also ride pre-built coasters. It is hosted by Bill Nye the Science Guy, who instead refers to himself as "Bill Nye the Coaster Guy".

ride a magic carpet through Agrabah, collecting gems to find The Genie,
who has been hidden away in the Cave of Wonders.

teach how to draw characters, with lightpens on computer screens. Guests

can purchase a printout afterward.
  • Sid's Create-a-Toy: A program featuring the evil Sid character from Toy Story that allows one to custom design a toy out of parts of other toys, and then buy it later.
  • Living Easels: An interactive touch screen program where
guests can place various images onto several selectable backgrounds. A 

full-color printout of a guest's design may be purchased.

Third floor Edit

gigantic projected pinball game; by rocking their "duck" back and 

forth, up to twelve players at a time control their corresponding pinball on the screen, attempting to collect the most points.

and attempt to navigate over foam balls ("asteroids") on the floor. By 

doing so, the asteroids will be sucked up into the cabin where players can then load them into a cannon and shoot at the other cars. If hit in the correct spot, one's car may spin around uncontrollably for ten seconds. Usually there are two players to a car; however, it is possible

for one person to pilot and shoot at the same time.

Fourth floor Edit

Ride the Comix 4: Players wear an HMD to "enter the comic book world." Players battle with super villains by using a laser sword. Up to

six players can be on a team at a time.

Fifth floor Edit

book world." Players battle with super villains by using a laser sword.
Up to six players can be on a team at a time. (This attraction is 

identical on both the 4th and 5th floor)

players ride inside a rescue vehicle to save astronauts: one player drives, the other three shoot enemy aliens. Based on the now-extinct Magic Kingdom attraction, ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter.

  • Cyber transport to Disney quest Resorts

Dragon Sanctuary Edit

Dragon sanctuary

Entrance Edit

Viking boat to Dragon Sanctuary Resorts

Sea Of Dragon Sanctuary Edit

Tidal Class Dragon Encounter Aquarium

Sea Shocker Show

Deep sea Cafe

Submaripper Feeding show

\Underwater Gift Shop

From Forests to Tropical Rainforests Edit

Sharp Class Dragon Zoo

Deadly Nadder feeding show

Fruit stand

Burger King

Tropical Smoothie cafe

IMAX Dome of Berk

Volcano Edit

Stoker Class Dragon Zoo

Tiny Dragons petting zoo

Mc Donald's

Firey peak gift shop

Popeyes Louisiana kitchen

Mountains, Grasslands, and Caves Edit

Boulder/Tracker/Strike/Mystery Class Zoo

Crystal caves Cafe and Gift shop

Happy wings Playground

Gronkle show

Night Furry Feeding Show

The Glowing mania Gourmet shop

Resorts Edit

Aboriginal Australian Territory Resort

Volcano Village Resort

Happy Mothership Resort

Disney's Yacht Club Resort

Disney's Beach Club Resort & Villas

Disney's BoardWalk Inn

Disney's BoardWalk Villas

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney Quest Cyber City Resort

Isle of Berk Resort

Dragon's Den Resort

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