Gender Female
Age 10(First appearance), 16(Bloody havoc), 24(later appearances)
Born 9/17/2003
First appearance Mr.Peabody and Sherman Crossover 
First video game appearance Pokemon  R/S/E(easter egg)(JP only)
Blood type AB
Species Ekimosu

Yita is an Ekimosu which is first appearance of Pokemon R/S/E as an easter egg in japan. She was born in 9/17/2003. She's actually a wildcat. her parastie named katunga. in Mr.peabody and sherman crossover, Yita Bites the Veterans and then the people got scared because she's a Wildcat.  She was voiced by ivako matushi. In Bloody havoc, Her vulva is started to heat up faster and her boobies has shown because she was naked. She was voiced by totuma udanabe when i was 16. In later appearances, She had her larva inside of her body becasuse of katunga's engeosis fertilized an egg cell.


Her Blood type is AB. Her Eyes is kinnda purple when i was an adult. Her Utherus is kinnda big and glowing. but her privates are kinnd gross. Her ability is Drizzle like kyogre did.

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